Animals and Veterans with PTSD


Many soldiers will experience confronting events during their deployment in conflict areas or peace missions. Some of the experiences can be so traumatic that the military veteran continues to suffer from it even after coming home. 

Such experiences, with all the associated fears and sense of powerlessness are relived again and again, making a normal life almost impossible. This is known as post-traumatic stress disorder from which veterans suffer in their daily lives and puts a heavy burden on their families and social environment.

Plenty of evidence suggests that being close to, and working with, animals can very good for people with different physical or mental handicaps. But in order for animal-assisted therapies to become officially recognised by health insurers, they must be evidence-based. And that is what we want to do! We are working towards scientifically validating the interaction between veterans with PTSD, horses and dogs.

Because our veterans and their families deserve all of our support! 


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